Plane of airliner of A Hang AH5017 affirms the crash in the horse ever was emperor horse ” drive “

Login is registering plane of airliner of AH5017 of A Hang of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to affirm Ma Li crash ever emperor does Ma Zun drive origin: ? Qu Xian?2014-07-25 11:0Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 2 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] the MD-83 that this number is EC-LTV ever was royal Madrid group group machine, the horse that it is emperor enlistment.

Xinhua net dispatch: Occupy Algerian news agency 25 days to report, algerian minister of foreign affairs pulls Mamula to confirm, plane of airliner of A Hang AH5017 has been in neighbour horse crash.

Algerian airline says 24 days, this airline decides the AH5017 airliner that covers with tiles from capital of Burkina Faso of West Africa country Jiadugu flies to Algerian capital Algiers to break couplet before long after take off formerly. Reuter is news source story with wishing to make public the official of Algerian civil aviaton of the full name, the Algerian carries crash of 116 people plane.

Accident plane is wheat path

Algerian airline is some earlier moment releases a statement to say through Algerian news agency: “Air navigation branch lost the connection with the one Algerian airline plane that wears 24 days to fly to Algiers from Wajiadugu, (break couplet) time is after taking off 50 minutes. (break couplet) time is after taking off 50 minutes..

Si Weifu of business of operation of aviation of Spanish privately owned is special airline says on official website, this company is by the wheat of Algerian airline operation – 83 planes break couplet.

Airline says Siweifute, 110 passengers and 6 unit staff carry on the plane that break couplet, at case Lin Ni rules time 24 days 1 when 17 minutes (Beijing time 24 上海千花社区

days 9 when 17 minutes) take off, the former Lin Ni that decide case rules time 5 when arrive at Algiers 10 minutes, but fail to descend on time. A spokesman of orgnaization of Spanish pilot labour union says, staff of on the plane 6 unit comes from Spain entirely.

The search launchs in desert

Algerian airline is stationed in Burkina Faso to say on behalf of Teerji, according to the waybill that preliminary control, there are two 8 person of 24 50 Frenches, Burkina Fasoes, Lebanese, Luxembourg people about on the plane that break couplet, and the passenger that comes from Belgian, Switzerland, Nigeria, Cameroon, Wukelan and Romania each one person.

Reporter of Xinhua News Agency and China are stationed in Algerian embassy to already got in touch, current, of short duration did not discover to there is Chinese passenger on the plane.

An army personage tells the Algerian 24 days reporter of Xinhua News Agency, the force in Algerian air force and French sky begins associated operation, undertake rescueing to losing couplet plane. French army the headquarters of the General Staff announces, the French air force of area of quarter at Africa two illusive 2000 battleplan are undertaking searching in Ma Li north, search a plane to fall.

This army personage says, the plane adds abstruse area to lose connection in the north in the horse, the action that rescue will be centered in the desert region of this area, at the same time Algerian government has asked the government in the horse and Niger government are right the relevant action that rescue offers advantage.

Law president opens urgent meeting

Law abroad grows Fabiyousi 24 days to say, the plane that break couplet ” probable already crash ” .

Nevertheless, fabiyousi denies the debris that participated in opportunity for combat of search target-seeking France to had discovered a plane. He says, “Any traces that have not find a plane ” . French president Aolangde has called together premier Mannuaier Waersi and official of 4 ministers class to hold urgent meeting, discuss answer program.

Explore because
To hide sandstorm plane may change course

Look from the map, the plane takes off from Wajiadugu, may pass Ma Li of country of inland of another West Africa, pass through big desert of the Algerian, ability is arrived at be located in the Algiers with this upper country. According to the report, the plane takes off that evening, place encounters serious sandstorm.

Burkina Faso respect says, after the plane contacts the task to turn over Niger capital Ni Yamei to control a tower, plane immediately puts forward to change course to control tower of Niyamei, in order to avoid sandstorm. But a message personage that Niyamei controls a tower says, the plane never is contacted with them.

A message personage weighs Algerian airline, the plane ever was asked to change course. “Be apart from an Algerian when the plane when border is not far, unit staff is flown by requirement bypass, the reason is visibility poorer, also be avoid with another plane barge against ” . This message personage says, “After changing course, the plane loses connection. The plane loses connection..

The weather cloud atlas of place of another report acci爱上海同城手机版

dent shows, there is very tall cloud layer near course at that time, bureau of canal of China north sky chief engineer Yan Xiaodong signs up for reporter introduction to new capital, this may be ” cumulonimbus ” , and the main weather of cumulonimbus seems thunder and sharp trouble to shed weather now, once the plane joins cumulonimbus group by accident, can make plane construction is damaged, serious meeting lets a plane be in sky disintegrate. So, once discover cumulonimbus is round, the plane can take the step that circle ship certainly, maintain border of main body of distance cloud cluster 10 kilometers above.

The plane that break couplet ever was emperor horse ” drive “

The plane that break couplet hires dealer by Spanish plane Swiftair operation, this company says in its official net, plane model is MD-83. Data of aviation website AirFleets shows, altogether of group of Swiftair company aircraft has 4 MD-83 plane.

According to Spain ” Ma Ka ” report, the MD-83 that this number is EC-LTV ever was royal Madrid group group machine, the horse that it is emperor enlistment, its name is LaSaeta date, came 2007 in emperor horse 2009 when the brigade of field of guest of go on an expedition, this plane ever carried the star with the highest price of world the upper part of the body.

This plane not long ago just just rents Algerian airline by Swiftair.

MD-83 plane digitlizes automatic flight advancedly to lead a system of the first kind, be the company twisted Maidao to be winning main product fortunately 1985. MD80 series plane is to go up century 80 to 90 time best-selling in short distance plane. This type already halted production at present, symbiosis produces nearly 1200.

Break couplet type: ? Shan Kui D-83
Operation business: Spanish SwiftAir
Delivery time: Consign was used in August 1996

Introduce: Series of wheat path MD-80 is double engine, in plane of short distance only channel.阿爱上海同城

MD-83 is one of stature model, the biggest carry 155 passengers to be able to fly 4635 kilometers.

Australian premier Abote says 24 days, each country is intensifying coordinating, wait for multilateral police force of composition by Australia, Holand and Malaysia with be being sent to crashing place as soon as possible, protect spot security.

Abote says, condition of Wu Kelan the eastpart part ” before be being compared it seems that more show pessimism ” , need pair of crashing spots to spread out more complete, more professional search for, in order to find more victim remains.

Bay Bi Xiaopu of minister of foreign affairs is headed for 24 days base complementary, with Holand diplomacy chancellery Dimomansi together, seek forgive memorandum into with Wu Fangda, enter crashing spot in order to allow multilater阿爱上海同城

al police force to ensure safe.

Wu Kelan governmental army and folk of the eastpart part arm to be in crash site and its periphery area currently hassle, firearm sound is ceaseless.

Abote says, he has been mixed with Beijing of Russia president g上海龙凤论坛sh1f

eneral Shen Ke of Wukelan’s president pineapple understands a telephone call, two average per capita support his idea. Abote says, the assign of force of this multilateral police may last ” several weeks ” .

International Civil Aviation Organization says 23 days, plane content of the recording inside the cockpit that middleman and gua上海夜网论坛

rantor keeps one of two black boxes is in good condition nondestructive, the data of the memory in another black box still needs download and analysis.

These two black boxes arm by black folk above all give Malaysia, after that pass on gives Holand the side. Holand entrusts British aviation accident finally to investigation office downloads and analyse data. In two black boxes, one is put have cockpit conversation content, another saves flight data. 23 days of statement say international Civil Aviation Organization: “Situation of the recording inside cockpit is whole… in storing the black box of flight data still is being analysed. “Situation of the recording inside cockpit is whole… in storing the black box of flight data still is being analysed..

Holand safety commission 23 days some earlier moment says, content of the recording inside cockpit is in good condition nondestructive, without evidence indication somebody has used underhand method to black box information. Dominant of Holand safety commission investigation of crashing incident international, responsible and harmonious include Russia inside the investigation of group of 8 countries expert works. According to report of Xinhua News Agency

Why hair of frequency of near future aviation accident?

Yesterday, beijing air law learns standing vice-chairman to hold secretary-general Zhang Qihuai concurrently to sign up for a reporter to express to new capital, look at present, the occurence rate of aviation accident accident this year and dead number relatively on the high side of in former years, have many sided inducement rear. New capital signs up for reporter Han Xu Yang

Aviation accident all has subjective inducement recently

Zhang Qihuai explanation says, this year the tall hair of the accident is contingency, but develop as civil aviaton and increase by passenger number, and the plane is entered gradually old old period wait for an element, the likelihood becomes the inducement of aviation accident,

Zhang Qihuai thinks, the aviation accident that frequency sends rings noisy alarm bell to civil aviaton safety, from MH370 up to now a few aviation accident, can see be on guard in safety and is not the place that reach the designated position on the safety precaution. Although each aviation accident has different case, but have common cause, be on guard on safe problem insufficient, predicting inadequacy.

Zhang Qihuai says, taiwan revives aviation is in know perfectly well typhoon and thunderstorm weather situation to fall, undertake answer crash still chose after flying, actually it can choose to fall fully the airport. And MH17 airliner flies cross warlike region and not circuitous, international Civil Aviation Organization did not release clew in time to also ought to have responsibility.

Flight busy season slants the monsoon that encounter thunder

Weather and passenger flow also make important background. Zhang Qihuai says, 7 annual,

8, September is the season that the student has a holiday to term begins with return to school after the vacation, also be flight busy season. This paragraph during, the passenger is concentrated, and on weather just catchs up with thunderstorm season. This paragraph of time often climate is relatively harsh, wind big, rain big, Lei Duo.

Zhang Qihuai says, be inferior to in weather at ordinary times below the circumstance, passenger discharge increases, airline is assure operation, can increase transport power, such conferences appear two circumstances: The plane that is a normal operation continues operation, another is the plane of care and maintenance throws operation. Make the safeguard force of aerostat and airport can increase movement. “Even some planes make the same score even Tian Fei 16 to 18 hours, it is to run all the time almost. Used probability is big, the probability that produces an accident is big also. The probability that produces an accident is big also..

Pilot shortage causes movement of high load capacity

In addition, according to Introduction Zhang Qihuai, global air man is in short supply now, especially pilot is in short supply. And the main factor that pilot and unit member are safeguard plane safety. “Personnel insecurity, bring about when busy season, not regular meeting resembles class of platoon of the personnel that sign a school same at ordinary times and reasonable, it is more mature to let take maturely for instance, or a very mature belt a novice, it is difficult to encounter flying course and area can choose best air man. But because time is nervous, hand is nervous, the personnel that sign a school may have not enough time to allocate the collocation of manpower and technology. Cause personnel occurrence error. Cause personnel occurrence error..

Additional, zhang Qihuai thinks, the exhaustion of unit staff itself also is a problem. Busy season lets unit staff carry out the task to work overtime continuously, often fly 3, 4 days nonstop, fly overtime, cause safe hidden trouble thereby. This a series of the problem causes the accident in level sex time to be sent high.

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